The Universal House of Justice has been Elected

The results of the election of the governing council of the Baha’i Faith, the Universal House of Justice, were announced in a moving ceremony held today in Haifa, Israel.

Following yesterday’s dignified and joyous election procedure, in which national delegates from across the globe — many of whom were dressed in their cultural attire — filed on stage to cast their votes, the results were announced by the chairperson early this afternoon.

The beautifully-redesigned Baha’i World News Service carries the full story, in addition to a flurry of other reports and multimedia related to the Tenth International Baha’i Convention. To date these include:

  • A report and slideshow of the delegates’ visits to Baha’i Holy Places prior to the start of the Convention.
  • A report and slideshow of the election process held on Day 1 of the Convention, including an explanation of the unique nature of these elections.
  • A report and slideshow of the celebration of the festival of Ridvan held following the election.
  • A report on the election results announced this morning.

For those who have had the privilege to attend this year’s Convention, this has undoubtedly been a week that will live long in their memories.

Many delegates wore their native dress — from Western business suits to the colorful garb of specific regions of South America, Africa, and Asia.

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